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Final Fantasy VIII with Enya’s ‘Anywhere Is’..

I found this on youtube and fell in love with it!

xtimrs  —  February 08, 2009  — I’ll tell the truth, in general I don’t care for AMV’s. I really hate searching youtube for some clip I wanna see to see a line from a game or something and all I can find is people putting the video to some Linkin Park song. This video however I found on a forum sometime around 2000. It was a Final Fantasy forum, and the last second credits a “Fei Ayanami” which I think was his screen name on the now gone (probably, google yields no results for that SN) message board. His real name is listed as Erik Madsen. I can’t find this person anywhere online, so if the one who made this video ever sees it, hopefully you’ll just be flattered I loved the video enough to save it for almost 10 years now on 3 different computers.

I really loved this game, and while I’m not a big Enya fan, something about this video was just beautiful to me. The game’s videos combined with the lyrics and the progressively building music.. the explosion of Rinoa’s sadness over finding Squall’s limp body. It’s touching to me, like the game was, and a very well put together video.

So I have decided to put this on Youtube after having it on my computer for maybe 10 years now.. Like I said, I didn’t make it, I just liked it enough that I saved it forever and this seems to be the last copy I can find online. Note that it was made before there WAS a youtube, probably before there was a FFIX.

Note: This uses video from the game Final Fantasy VIII. All rights go to Square-Enix for that one, I do not make money or make any claim to any property of theirs and this video I imagine is protected under Fair Use.


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Blog Post #12 – Moby Music Videos Revisited

In my Blog Post # 9 I told of the music video competition that was being held by Moby for his song Wait for Me. He ended up having over 500 entrants and on April 15, 2010 announced the six finalist in the competition.  Two of the six finalist were animated videos that were at very different ends of the creative spectrum.  I was very impressed.

Maik Hempel of Australia was one of the four finalist who were chosen by Moby and  His description of the animation was ” a small, 16 bit computer game character experiences the worst day of his life.”

The submission by Sergey Kazakov and Alexandr Lishnevski of Belarus was one of the two entries that were chosen as a finalist by votes by viewers votes.

This animation was my favorite because of its clean lines and spot use of color while showing a wonderful depth of field through out.

The Wait for Me competition winners were announced on April 19, 2009 and Maik Hempel’s animation was chosen runner up to the non-animated winner by Nimrod Shapira from Israel.

Maik shared the following about the creative process he used in the production of his video:

“it wasn’t until a couple of weeks after i heard about this competition through a mailing list, that i had the idea for the video. the song is very melancholy so i figured doing it in a computer game style would make for some nice juxtaposition. that’s right, juxtaposition. its different to anything i’ve animated in the past, because essentially the whole clip is made of two-frame cycles. i played a lot of super mario world to get the right look for it. it’s always easier to make a music video for an artist/band if you have a preexisting interest in them. for example, i probably wouldn’t make a video for zz top. but i remember when my sister first introduced me to moby (not him, just his music obviously) in 2000. i loved “play”, which was one of the albums that got me interested in electronic music. so, to be able to make a video for moby is a nice way to salute him for the deliciousness his music has brought to my ears over the years (excuse the rhyme).” – maik

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Blog Post #9 – Moby Music Videos

Most music videos these days are either filming extravaganzas or are shown on CMT.  MTV and VH1 seem to have gone out of the music video business except for a Top 20 or a rehash of the Best of (insert decade here) videos. One of my favorite musicians, Moby, seems to have some of the most interesting animated videos set to his music. For his new album Wait for Me (2009) Moby had some of his friends create videos giving them complete creative control to illustrate his music.  Here are two of the results — very different from each other.

Shot in the Back of the HeadDavid Lynch

David Lynch is an American visual artist and director.  He has a ‘distinctive and unorthodox approach to narrative film making.”  He is recognized by audiences and critics dreamlike and sometime nightmarish images.

MistakeKaty Baugh

This was Katy Baugh’s first music video!  The stop action short cost $400.00 to make.

It is refreshing to see that Moby allows animators and other visual artists to use his music for their creative endeavors.  His music can be used for free as long as it is being used in a non-commercial or non-profit film, video, or short.  He currently has a video competition for  his album Wait for Me giving video artist a monetary prize.  Information regarding this competition can be found in the film music gratis section of his website.

A great selection of animated and non-animated videos set to Moby’s music can also be found on his website video list.

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