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Final Fantasy VIII with Enya’s ‘Anywhere Is’..

I found this on youtube and fell in love with it!

xtimrs  —  February 08, 2009  — I’ll tell the truth, in general I don’t care for AMV’s. I really hate searching youtube for some clip I wanna see to see a line from a game or something and all I can find is people putting the video to some Linkin Park song. This video however I found on a forum sometime around 2000. It was a Final Fantasy forum, and the last second credits a “Fei Ayanami” which I think was his screen name on the now gone (probably, google yields no results for that SN) message board. His real name is listed as Erik Madsen. I can’t find this person anywhere online, so if the one who made this video ever sees it, hopefully you’ll just be flattered I loved the video enough to save it for almost 10 years now on 3 different computers.

I really loved this game, and while I’m not a big Enya fan, something about this video was just beautiful to me. The game’s videos combined with the lyrics and the progressively building music.. the explosion of Rinoa’s sadness over finding Squall’s limp body. It’s touching to me, like the game was, and a very well put together video.

So I have decided to put this on Youtube after having it on my computer for maybe 10 years now.. Like I said, I didn’t make it, I just liked it enough that I saved it forever and this seems to be the last copy I can find online. Note that it was made before there WAS a youtube, probably before there was a FFIX.

Note: This uses video from the game Final Fantasy VIII. All rights go to Square-Enix for that one, I do not make money or make any claim to any property of theirs and this video I imagine is protected under Fair Use.


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