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Blog Post #9 – Moby Music Videos

Most music videos these days are either filming extravaganzas or are shown on CMT.  MTV and VH1 seem to have gone out of the music video business except for a Top 20 or a rehash of the Best of (insert decade here) videos. One of my favorite musicians, Moby, seems to have some of the most interesting animated videos set to his music. For his new album Wait for Me (2009) Moby had some of his friends create videos giving them complete creative control to illustrate his music.  Here are two of the results — very different from each other.

Shot in the Back of the HeadDavid Lynch

David Lynch is an American visual artist and director.  He has a ‘distinctive and unorthodox approach to narrative film making.”  He is recognized by audiences and critics dreamlike and sometime nightmarish images.

MistakeKaty Baugh

This was Katy Baugh’s first music video!  The stop action short cost $400.00 to make.

It is refreshing to see that Moby allows animators and other visual artists to use his music for their creative endeavors.  His music can be used for free as long as it is being used in a non-commercial or non-profit film, video, or short.  He currently has a video competition for  his album Wait for Me giving video artist a monetary prize.  Information regarding this competition can be found in the film music gratis section of his website.

A great selection of animated and non-animated videos set to Moby’s music can also be found on his website video list.

I have commented on the blogs of Christopher DeMarco and Megan Pettry.


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