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Blog Post #10 – Bunnies!

Yes, Spring is in the air and we all love that big basket of goodies from the Easter Bunny.  While reading some of my tweets this week I came across a link to some animation that sent me in to hysterical laughter … parodies of movies enacted by animated bunnies!  These 30 second animated movie shorts by Angry Alien are funny and actually capture the essence of each movie movie they parody.

Jennifer Shiman started Angry Alien Productions with her creations in 1998.  She uses Adobe Flash for coloring and animation after scanning her hand drawn characters into Adobe Photoshop.  She originally sketched a range of characters for her classic movies in 30 seconds …kittens, beavers, mice, elves …but the bunnies struck her as the perfect actor.

There is a large collection of movies that have been bunnified for your entertainment: new movies, old movies, horror, comedy,  action/adventure, drama.

Angry Alien Productions has produced Bunny Shorts for the Starz network.  In 2008 the 30-Second Bunnies Theatre won two Webby Awards for Online Film and Video/Animation, plus the People’s Voice award in that category.

You can find more of the 30 Second Bunnies Theater Library  and information about Angry Alien Productions on their website.

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